Building a Profitable Business Starts with Great Client Relationship

If you want to build a long-term profitable business, you must set up a system to consistently follow up on your clients

Ken Green


As business owners, we often focus on new business. And this is particularly true for businesses that have developed marketing and sales funnels for attracting new clients. They focus excessively on generating more leads for their business.

While it is essential for every business to attract new customers, care must be taken not to do so at the expense of maintaining existing relationships.

Very often, we fail to invest in existing client relationships. As a business owner, I am guilty of this as I get caught up from time to time chasing after new leads and clients at the expense of nurturing existing client relationships.

It is critical to recognize that establishing a new client relationship isn’t where the story ends. You have to invest in nurturing and maintaining your relationships with your clients.

You must understand that clients cherish great customer care. Today, they expect nothing less. If you’re not consistently delivering, you will lose your valued clients.

To avoid this, you must invest in nurturing client relationships by:

  1. Following up with your clients and building a relationship of loyalty. If you follow up with phone calls and/or a personalized email, you are evoking loyalty in your customer. This is the right way of doing follow-ups.
  2. Solving every problem that your clients have, as long as it’s within your niche. And actively seeking to engage experts and professionals that can solve your clients’ problems that are outside of your niche.
  3. Proactively identifying problems that your clients may not know they have. You unveil the problem and provide a solution that will add value to your clients.

Final Thoughts

While many established businesses are not investing in building and nurturing existing relationships, a few modern businesses are trending in this direction.



Ken Green

Ken is a Chartered Professional Accountant practicing in Canada. He provides tax, personal, and business financial services.