About Your Spending

Spending less allows you to set the stage for wealth accumulation

Ken Green
4 min readSep 19, 2020

I’ve written about the GAP in previous articles:

GAP = Earned Income — Expenses — Taxes

One of the variables in the equation is “Expenses”.

When it comes to building wealth and achieving financial independence, we often focus more on Earned Income. We’re constantly looking for ways to earn more. As a result, we pay little attention to the other variables.

While all the variables in the equation are important, the easiest place to start is with your expenses. The reason for this is that cutting your expenses will give you immediate results and momentum.

Reducing your expenses may require you to make lifestyle changes. However, when you make a lifestyle change, it’s much easier to stick to it if you see results right away. For this reason, you get a great boost of momentum that can last for a long time.

Not only does spending less put more money in your hands almost immediately, but it also comes with benefits.

Here are five benefits of spending less:

1. It Saves you taxes



Ken Green

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